If I were 5" tall I would live in a mailbox

There is something poignant about the things that disappear during our lifetimes.

I don't care so much about the gadgets (the cordless phones, broken fax machines, and sad digital watches that end up in the nobody-wants-this-stuff-bin at the Goodwill). I'm thinking more about the friendly, personality-driven, neighborhood stuff that somehow looks different on every street.

Mailboxes, for example: I know that they're not always the best-dressed item on the block. They start off straight and crisply painted, and before you know it the paint is peeling, the post is leaning a little to the side, and the little red flag is bent, chipped, or maybe even missing altogether.


They end up a little crooked...

But we all (well, most of us) have mailboxes, and I love the fact that they all tend to look a little different:


Maybe they have a jazzy red front door...


Or maybe they become part of the front yard garden...


And this one makes me think: if I were 5" tall, I would live in a mailbox just like this one.

I've noticed recently that newer housing developments don't have individual mailboxes. They have what I think of as the "Projects" version: faceless towers of identical metal boxes.

Maybe I should start a mailbox heritage society?


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Escondido CA 92025

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