Baby Boomers v. Millennials ...and their desires


While we may think that there are big gaps in the needs of Baby Boomers and Millennials the research shows that these two groups are looking for pretty much the same things when it comes to their homes.

• an open floor plan
• a home for entertaining
• modern touches

Baby Boomers are looking for smaller yards that require less up keep and allow them to use their leisure time for travel and downtime.

Millennials are interested in things that give them living that is hip, sexy and chic. That means that these two groups are competing for the same housing.

We're finding that both groups are looking for almost the same value terms, the boomer population is looking to feel valued and delighted, while the millennial feels excited and interested.
The generations possessed certain similarities such as wanting exterior lighting, outdoor kitchens or open access kitchens adjoining patios to bring the entertainment experience inside and outside.

Maybe this is one of the few times that these two generations agree



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